GENSOKISHI Online -META WORLD- is the new GameFi of Elemental Knights Online that won the "Gold Award of Game of the year" in Taiwan in 2012 with a total downloads of over 8 million. Incorporates UGC and Play to Earn to realize a metaverse space in a fantasy world.
Players from various fields such as MMORPG developers, blockchain developers, and cryptocurrency finance experts from all over the world are developing the game as one team!
* As the authorized source of "GENSOKISHI Online", "Elemental Knights Online" is in Japan and is operated on Android, iPhone, Switch, and PlayStation4 platforms.

This project has three features: Free to Play x UGC to Earn x Play to Earn.
Anyone can start the game for free, resell the items acquired in the game on the NFT Marketplace, buy the rights and sell costumes made by themselves.

By incorporating the concept of DeFi into the Metaverse space, we will realize an economic circle in a fantasy world that has never been experienced before.

In META WORLD of GENSOKISHI Online, you can bring various NFTs into the game and play the game.

  • "Limited fashion equipment" with unique appearance and special abilities
  • A limited number of rare and valuable "special items"
  • "Original equipment" that has evolved uniquely by confronting strong enemies

By using these NFTs, you can form a party with your friends, defeat various monsters, get valuable items, play to earn, and interact with adventurers around the world and you can trade NFT.

Updated contents after release will include sales of NFTs related to the production rights of "fashionable equipment" and land NFTs related to the production rights of "buildings, monsters and dungeons".

NFT regarding production rights for fashionable equipment

Those who have this right can make their favorite fashionable equipment and register them in the game as NFT items.
It will be possible to make many products and build a brand to sell them.
In the future, manufacturers of various types such as corporate brands and animations will enter the market.

NFT on land rights and production rights

By purchasing land, you can freely redesign the objects on the map, set your own NFTs as rare drop items for the monsters that appear there, and then release it to other players. You can also set up an entrance fee for the map and earn rights revenue from the map.

Play to Earn of GENSOKISHI Online META WORLD

In this game, the in-game economy is composed of game money called ROND. ROND is like a Stable token and has the role of exchanging ROND earned in the game on the cryptocurrency exchange.

ROND is linked to the price of the cryptocurrency exchange, the value of ROND also changes even in the game, and arbitrage trading is adopted even in the in-game weapon shop.

Players can earn income through NFT sales and ROND by accepting requests in the Metaverse world, adventuring dungeons with friends and defeating strong enemies to acquire valuable items in the game.

Sometimes you can earn unexpected income by acquiring rare items. It will be a great pleasure to achieve this with your friends.

In addition, all items in the Metaverse world have a fixed distribution quantity. If you get a rare item, the value will increase as the number of players increases and the demand increases.

Rare items acquired in dungeons can be sold as NFT

Earn cryptocurrency through adventure with your friends

Enhance the parameters and appearance by multiplying the NFTs of fashionable equipment! Add value that is unique in the world and improve its rarity

Players from all over the world gather in the town to actively engage in economic activities such as NFT trading and rights negotiations. Finding friends and enjoying interaction is also the best part of Metaverse.

  • Maxi Kuan


    Maxi Kuan

    Advisor of Blockcast
    Advisor of C Channel Co., Ltd.
    Blockchain Mentor of IAPS Accelerator

  • Captain-Ricky



    Founder of TomoTouch
    Former Blockchain Business Development Director of
    AAVEGOTCHI Ambassador of Blockchain Game

  • Kevin Hoo


    Kevin Hoo

    Co-founder & CEO of
    Partner of MICA Fund
    Blockchain Enthusiast

  • Tokuhiko Uwabo


    Tokuhiko Uwabo

    Former Operating officer of ZERO
    Former Phantasy Star's Creator of SEGA Co., Ltd.

  • Kunchou Tsai

    Legal advisor

    Kunchou Tsai

    Enlighten Law Office International lawyer familiar with virtual currency
    Experienced legal advice to Coinbase

  • Masaki Kato


    Masaki Kato

    President and CEO of Clappers Co., Ltd.
    Advisor of NHN Japan Corp.
    Advisor of LEVEL-5 Inc.
    Former CEO of NHN PlayArt Corp.

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